Rick Macdougall wrote:
> devnull wrote:
>> I've tryed to modify by hand the passwd and the
>> passwd.cdb files changing the path but it dont
>> work any suggestion?
> You'll need to modify the /var/qmail/users/assign
> file as well as the vpasswd files.

Your solution of using vadduser in a script works
because it is properly updating the cdb file.
vpopmail will use the cdb file if they are available,
and if not, generate from the vpasswd file. It sounds
like you edited vpasswd, and modified the cdb file (which
definately won't work, as the index will be off in the
length changes). If you just edit vpasswd, on the next
add/delete user, it will undo your change, because it will
read in the cdb file and write out vpasswd and vpasswd.cdb.

The solution? rm ~vpopmail/domains/*/vpasswd.cdb. Modify
~vpopmail/domains/*/vpasswd with the proper paths. Also
modify ~vpopmail/domains/*/.qmail-default to properly point
to the new vdelivermail location, and make sure the maildir
for default delivery if not bounce-no-mailbox has the new
path. Also update ~vpopmail/domains/*/.qmail-* to have
the proper aliases (if you have them to maildirs from old
vpopmail versions) and point to the proper location for ezmlm
and autorespond if that changed. Finally edit ~vpopmail/domains/*/*/.qmail
to make sure the maildir delivery lines are all pointing to
the right location.

I'm not sure how chkuser will mix into this (it may want the
cdb files), so if the cdb files don't regenerate for you, just
run vmoduser on each postmaster user toggling a flag (then put
it back), such as the no_imap flag. That should regenerate the
cdb properly from vpasswd text file.


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