Check your connection limits to the MySQL server.  Seems to occasionally happen when a flood of smtp connections or pop connections opens up a lot of MySQL backends.  Essentially it means that it tried to run its database queries and the server isn't there and has broken or didn't accept the connection.


james cooke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

After a few hours of running - I haven't narrowed it down to a certain time, it seems to vary - IMAP connections fail with:
dovecot: Mar 08 16:29:59 Error: auth(default): vmysql: sql error[3]: MySQL server has gone away

Setup is FreeBSD 5.4, qmail 1.03, vpopmail 5.4.13, dovecot 1.0, mysql 5.0.18.

I thought the issue was with the imap server, but it occurred with courier-imap also.

Auth with pop3 continues to work, and if I reset dovecot then imap begins to work again temporarily, as it did with courier-imap.

I'm assuming this might be some sort of MySQL version or connection timeout issue, but I'm at a loss on where to go from here, I'm fairly new to this area in general, any feedback would be very welcome.

James Cooke

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