On Wednesday 22 March 2006 08:54, Juan Jose Miquel wrote:
> Thanks for your answered,
> I found that this option create an additional column in the vpopmail table,
> the column  use the Maildirsize notation, i.e. 20971520S for 20MB and
> NOQUOTA for unlimited size.
> The problem I have is that the info is generated in two places (the
> maildirsize file and in the mysql DB). So my new question is:
> ┬┐Is there any function that manipulates both registers or do I have to
> duplicate any change twice.

you can't store the maildirsize in mysql.  qmail-pop3d, courier-imapd, etc are 
not SQL aware (and shouldn't be) and therefore cannot update it.  If there is 
a maildirsize field being added to the mysql database, it's probably an 
ancient artifact of someone trying to implement the functionality in the 


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