Use a scoring based RBL check.
rblsmtpd denies all connections existing in RBLs
You could modify it to do a scoring algorithm if you wanted, finding only the popular entries.
SpamAssassin (with simscan) will do what you want, adding a score based on the credibility and error rates of each RBL.  So something in one RBL will have a higher Spam score (and combined with other features may throw it over the edge), but something in three RBLs will be enough to reject the message.

You could of course just find RBLs that don't block your customers or have good removal rules.


Fernando Milovich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I mean bypass RBL is the client is authenticated. But it seems to be no
This problem is because our customers use ISP connections like ADSL and Dial
Up and these connections are blocked by CBL at
I think i´ll have to change the RBL checker.

Thanks so much.

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