You'd want something like to do it.  Note that this patch is against old/different versions of the auth patch, so you'll have to just use it as a guide and do it by hand.  In specific, and if I recall correctly, authd is renamed and you have to move a define for requireauth up a bit higher in the file.  If you need a hand with that let me know.  Then add REQUIREAUTH="" to your tcp.smtp file.

You _DO NOT_ want to have this on port 25 for the default connection if you're receiving mail from others.  It is useful for port 587 or some other submission port where you don't want non-authenticated mail to come through, so that you don't have to worry about Spam on these ports, and always know you have a user [useful for domainkeys for example to make sure that the auth user is always set].



Sascha Ebach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

how can I enforce that everybody (except localhost) has to authenticate via
smtp auth. The way I have it configured now is that all that are not in
rcpthosts have to authenticate, but all that are in rcpthosts can be send
email without auth. How can I change that?

Thank you.

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