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how can I enforce that everybody (except localhost) has to authenticate via smtp auth.

my combined patch, version 6 or newer, includes this functionality.


you can export a REQUIRE_AUTH=1 environment variable in the /service/ ___/run script to enable this for all IP addresses, and then add ,REQUIRE_AUTH="0" to the end of the appropriate line(s) in the tcpserver access control file (which is usually /etc/tcp/smtp or /etc/ tcp.smtp.)

be sure to read the entire page- there are a LOT of patches rolled into the combined patch. you may find other features that you would like to use, or you may find features that you don't need. for the most part, i tried to add the patches in such a way that if you don't "activate" them (by creating a certain file or a certain environment variable) qmail will act as closely as possible to the way djb's original qmail programs act.

and if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask- either use this list, or use the qmailrocks.org mailing list (but not the qmailrocks.org install directions... there are easier ways to beat your head against the wall.)

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