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I use qmail + vpopmail + courrier-imap ... and i have activated quota
for each users to 100M .
It work fine fine but, some users would like to be prevent when their
Maildir box size is greater than quota and continue to receive their mail.
Can i do that ?

so what you're saying is that some users want to have no quota at all.

that's almost always more of a business decision than a technical decision. the technical end is easy- change or remove the quota as needed. however, somebody with authority has to decide that it's okay to do this.

and if the "powers that be" decide that they don't want to allow this, or that they will if the client pays more money, but the client doesn't want to pay, then the client needs to learn to not leave so much of their mail on the server. if they don't move some of their stored messages off of the server, then the quota mechanism will continue to block incoming messages when their mailbox is full.

somebody with the appropriate authority needs to make a decision... the options are to raise or remove the quota for that mailbox, or tell the user to do a better job of managing their quota.

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