On 2006-04-25, at 1245, Olivier JUDITH wrote:
I completly agree with you , but imagine that you going on holidays and
you receive lot of email during this period .
you reach your quota and don't receive mail anymore  ?

I think it's better to block user for sending but continue to receive mail .
what you think about this ?

i think if the user knows ahead of time that they will be leaving, they can ask the mail administrators to raise their quota temporarily while they're gone. if they fail to do so and their mailbox overflows, it's their own fault.

of course if you do this for a user, find out when they're coming back, and give them a date after they return when their quota will be returned to normal, so that they aren't surprised when their larger quota goes away. of course, don't forget to set their quota back to their normal limit- otherwise the users will "get used to" the larger quota and come to expect it all the time, which is a good way to fill up a hard drive.

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