On 2006-04-16, at 0050, Rick Widmer wrote:

I've just committed John Simpson's onchange patch. I've added the ability to enable it with --enable-onchange-script, and a file README.onchange.

cool... except that i've updated the patch twice today, and i'm in the process of building another patch as i type this, and one of those patch updates was because of some very real bugs in my changes to vmysql.c and vpgsql.c.

which version did you commit?

I've also suppressed a few calls to the script that I considered redundant.

which calls, specifically, did you remove? or did you add some kind of mechanism to suppress them, and if so which ones?

and when you did this, did you lock out the possibility of creating a domain with an initial mailbox whose name is not "postmaster" by forcing the user to assume that every "add_domain" should be considered to have an "add_user [EMAIL PROTECTED]" associated with it?

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