On Monday 08 May 2006 12:08, Michael Krieger wrote:
> The message comes in properly (or so it seems) and into qmail-local and
> then vdelivermail.  It reads a .qmail file that says &[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> and has a second line with the maildir.  The first one [the inject] is
> failing, which vdelivermail is supposed to be handling.
> Is this a bug in vdelivermail?  The message into vdelivermail seems to have
> a valid return-path, and coming out of vdelivermail into qmail-inject
> appears to blank the line but not remove it: Return-Path: Received: from
> keit

another reason why vpopmail shouldn't be using qmail-inject to forward 
messages, it should be using qmail-queue.

I call this a bug, but others think differently.


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