Easiest thing to do is add a .qmail file in the postmaster directory stating '|/bin/true delete' to scrap the message [just sets it as deleted by default].

Now I'd imagine the main frontline you'd want to investigate is chkuser.c if you use it.  By line 567, it's got a user and domain split.  Under case 10, it actually does the user check, so just have it test the user for 'postmaster' and return a failed 'user does not exist'.

I'd point you to the RFCs that state that the postmaster must exist and should accept mail, but since you're asking, you probably don't really mind.


Lars Uhlmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
We only need this mailbox for �qmailadmin� to log in. Is it possible to
treat this account as non existing? I've tried a domain-global
'.qmail-postmaster' (... bounce-no-mailbox) and a '.qmail' (same content)
inside the folder 'postmaster' but nothing worked.


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