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I'm have a hell of a time tracking down why some of my user extensions won't work with chkuser.

I'm running netqmail-1.05 with the qmail-toaster-0.8.1.patch from and vpopmail-5.4.13 (on debian woody).

Now, I have one .qmail-matt-default alias that works, and a new one I created (with a cp -a) .qmail-foobar-default that doesn't.

Are you speaking of user extensions or aliases, or "CHKUSER_ENABLE_ALIAS_DEFAULT" setting?
They are different things.

If you are using normal aliases, user extensions are not needed.
If you are using user extensions, if the first part (before "-") of the recipient exists then chkuser will let the message pass.

If you are using "CHKUSER_ENABLE_ALIAS_DEFAULT" then .qmail-foobar-default will be recognized.

To make matters even more confusing, I've set up a test qmail-smtpd service running on a different port, but with the same backend file structure, so that I could test new qmail-smtpd builds without disrupting my users.  So, I rebuilt everything and started the service and I can now successfully email my .qmail-foobar-default alias.

But - just for testings sake - I deleted my .qmail-foobar-default and the sent email STILL made it past the chkuser check and then I got the bounce message stating that there was no mailbox.

Check if you have user extensions enabled and a foobar recipient exists.



I'm thoroughly confused. Is there some cache somewhere of the aliases and valid email addresses for my vpopmail domains?  If so, where is it, when does it get refreshed?

Thanks in advance, I've been searching through the list archives and readmes so it's a lack of tokens and not effort if this question has already been answered.

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