I am hosting a few hundred domains on that email server and people come and
go. Most people who leave won't drop you a note and the domain stays in

Even if most of you would say that it is not my fault, it is my
responsibility to guarantee that the email trafic goes where it belongs to.
Today someone almost killed me when he said that he's not getting any mail
from our customers. I immediately knew why: 4 months (!!) ago he had his MX
redirected to his homeserver (MS Exchange) and forgot to tell me that he
doesn't need the mail domain. So he had a few hundred unread messages in a
zombie mailbox that wasn't supposed to be there. Customers don't always
accept technical reasons and that's why I am looking what I can do to make
everybody happy...


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On May 19, 2006, at 11:13 AM, Andy BIERLAIR wrote:
> So you say that there is no option to simply switch off local delivery 
> and treat everything as coming from the outside? I guess I have to 
> live with that :)
> How would I do the script based idea below realtime based? I mean, 
> each time an email is sent from the smtp.

It will be very difficult to do what you're trying to accomplish, with 
little benefit.

Your server is set up to host email for a particular domain.  If email 
for that domain is delivered to your box, then you should accept it.

It can be delivered locally (someone using your server for smtp relay 
with pop-before-smtp or SMTP AUTH sends to the domain in question).  
This is the version you're trying to catch.

Another SMTP server on the Internet could deliver it to you (this 
should only happen if you're listed as an MX host for the domain).  So 
this one isn't a problem.

Why is it so important for you to do this on your server?  If you're 
hosting someone's email, and they move their email hosting to another 
provider without telling you, is it really your fault if your server 
still accepts their email?

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