Why aren't you kicking those users off of your system?
They must clearly be in violation of a policy of your system?
Why make software fix an enforcement problem that you are clearly responsible for?

Sorry to be honest about it, but if you know who the problem users are, remove them.
Vpopmail/qmail shouldn't be used, in my opinion, to police this situation.


Mustafa S,ims,ek wrote:

i use FreeBSD 6.0, Qmail and Vpopmail. my server has smtp auth and pop
before smtp.

some users do spam on my server. i use spamguard for this people
block. it is very good but spammers foxy. They use fake from name and
spamguard block wrong address. For example :

[EMAIL PROTECTED] is a real user and has smtp auth. He wrote from name
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and spamguard block [EMAIL PROTECTED] so
[EMAIL PROTECTED] has smtp auth already.

i have some question about this situation

1. is it possible configure qmail blocking from names? Only
@myserver.com could send e-mails?
2. this spammer use fake ip addresses so i can't detect real user. is
it possible to detect real user from logs?

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