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so how the heck can i do that? i'm baffled how to change the name of an existing domain. i don't see any options in vqadmin or in the command line interface to accomplish this.

Edit /var/qmail/users/assign. You'll find two entries related to the domain, like this:

+rfpowerdevices.com-:rfpowerdevices.com:89:89:/home/vpopmail/domains/ rfpowerdevices.com:-:: +hvvi.com-:rfpowerdevices.com:89:89:/home/vpopmail/domains/ rfpowerdevices.com:-::

Change the second field from rfpowerdevices.com to hvvi.com:

+rfpowerdevices.com-:hvvi.com:89:89:/home/vpopmail/domains/ rfpowerdevices.com:-::

Run qmail-newu, HUP qmail-send (you may not need to do that step), and you should be all set.

If you want to change the directory for the domain, that gets a bit more tricky. You have to change it in /var/qmail/users/assign, the vpasswd file (for CDB) or database table (for the DB backends), .qmail files that have a hard-path to a maildir, mailing list configurations, etc.

Believe me, it's easier to just keep the old directory name. You (the server admin) should be the only person who will se it.

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