Hi all,

I have a user that came complaining (he's actually a lawyer and has sent four snail-mail, certified letters... ugh) that he's not being notified when going over quota. So I grabbed a test account in the same domain and sent email to that account until the usage went above 90%. Everything worked as expected - quotawarn file was created, warning email delivered, and it worked both with maildrop (used for spam/virus scanning here) and vdelivermail as the final delivery agent.

I figured it might be PEBKAC, but the user still complained, so we got permission to test on his live account. And he's right... No matter what I do, the warning message never gets delivered and no quotawarn file is created. He has no filtering, so he's got direct vdelivermail delivery.

Looking in the db, other than his username, password and directory, he's exactly the same as my test user.

This is vpopmail 5.4.10, haven't gotten around to looking at all the release notes on newer versions yet for gotchas.

Anyone else see this? Any appropriate fixes in vdelivermail dealing with quota warnings since 5.4.10? I noticed vdelivermail does have a few printfs with error messages, but I'm not seeing anything in the mail logs regarding this user or quotas or errros in general...




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