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Hi all,

I have a user that came complaining (he's actually a lawyer and has sent four snail-mail, certified letters... ugh) that he's not being notified when going over quota. So I grabbed a test account in the same domain and sent email to that account until the usage went above 90%. Everything worked as expected - quotawarn file was created, warning email delivered, and it worked both with maildrop (used for spam/virus scanning here) and vdelivermail as the final delivery agent.

Is vuserinfo reporting accurate values for this quota and usage amounts ?

Do the permissions on his dir look same as the permissions on your test account dir ?

You could probably test sending a message like this

EXT=someuser HOST=somedomain.com strace vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

That might show up whats going on with regards to access to the quota related files


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