I have an older machine that has over 450 email accounts.

It has:

Vpopmail 4.9.8

QMail       1.03


No IMAP installed.

I need to transfer all this stuff over to a new updated server that has:

Vpopmail 5.4.13

QMail        2.2.1

QmailAd   1.2.9


Squirrel Mail


However I don’t know how-to do this.  I do not know the older server’s postmaster password.   I can change it by using vQadmin; however I can’t install it because vpopmail is not up2date.    My plan is this:


1.)   Update vpopmail

2.)   Install vQadmin

3.)   Get/change postmaster password


Will I loose emails / domains / accounts if I update Vpopmail?



Austin Jorden

(972) 284-4909

Digitalpath of Texas




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