Title: Ingo Claro

I don't know how to make that, if you provide some basic instructions I can do it. I must do that before or after the crash?

Note that i am also installing a RHEL 4 U3 and have the same problems. Anything else I can test I'll be happy to provide.
I have another instalation in RHEL U1, with mysql but in the same machine, so it uses socket instead of tcp. And is operates without problems.


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Jeremy Kitchen escribió:
On Friday 30 June 2006 10:17, Ingo Claro wrote:

there is nothing in the logs, it just crushes, note that I execute
qmail-smtpd directly and it crashes:

 [EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]# ./qmail-smtpd
 220 smtp.prisa.cl ESMTP
 Segmentation fault

that's not good.

telnet to your server, find the pid of your qmail-smtpd process then attach a 
strace/truss/ktrace/whatever to it and post the output up on the internet 
somewhere, then send us the URL for it.  (please don't post the log to the 
mailing list directly as they are generally quite large)


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