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> Hello,
> Can we run the commands in:
>    /home/vpopmail/bin
> concurrently?
> For instance, can someone run
>   vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] password_foo
> at the time when someone else run:
>   vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] password_bar
> ?

depends on what they do.

If they will modify the same files, you shouldn't.  Otherwise, sure.

For example.you can run vadddomain and vadduser (with a different domain) at 
the same time, but you shouldn't run two vaddusers on the same domain at the 
same time, etc.  There's locking involved that prevents them from stepping on 
each other, but I don't know if they will just see the file as locked and 
bomb out, or wait for the lock to clear, etc.

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