On Jul 18, 2006, at 5:15 AM, Christoph Petersen wrote:
Hey guys,

in the last time I've some weird messages in my qmail-send log and I don't
where I have to look to solve these problems if they are problems.
I not even know if vpopmail is the cause of these messages. I'm using
netqmail-1.05 with vpopmail 5.4.13, chkuser and simscan.

Looks like a web script on your server (which typically uses [EMAIL PROTECTED] as sender) or perhaps a cron job is trying to email the root account on your mail server. You don't have an alias set up for root (you need a .qmail-root file in ~alias) so a bounce is generated.

You (understandably) don't have an alias for postmaster, so the bounce bounces to postmaster, and you don't have an alias for that either, so the triple bounce is discarded. You can use the control files doublebouncehost and doublebounceto to change who gets double- bounces -- in most cases you just want to throw them out.


echo "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" > ~alias/.qmail-root

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