Hey Tom,

> Looks like a web script on your server (which typically uses  
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] as sender) or perhaps a cron job is trying  
> to email the root account on your mail server.  You don't have an  
> alias set up for root (you need a .qmail-root file in ~alias) so a  
> bounce is generated.

yeah now as you have said it I'm quite shure that this is from a cron.

> You (understandably) don't have an alias for postmaster, so the  
> bounce bounces to postmaster, and you don't have an alias for that  
> either, so the triple bounce is discarded.  You can use the control  
> files doublebouncehost and doublebounceto to change who gets double- 
> bounces -- in most cases you just want to throw them out.
> Solution:
> echo "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" > ~alias/.qmail-root

Thanks for your help!


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