On Sep 4, 2006, at 12:52 PM, Robin Bowes wrote:
In an ISP situation, i.e. with many domains, each with many users,
what's the easiest/best way to send a mail to all users?

Here's my thoughts so far:

 - would need to loop over all domains and run vpopbull once for each
domain - not a major issue
 - Seems to write directly to the Maildir so it ignores any forwards

ezmlm mailing list
- Would be a bit of a pain to keep all addresses current, i.e. to keep
the list members syncronised with the accounts on the server

Any further ideas?

Use `vpopbull -n` to generate a list of email addresses, and then paste that into the bcc of an email sent from your email client.

Or, set up an ezmlm mailing list that doesn't allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe. Before sending an announcement, delete all subscribers and re-subscribe them by piping the output of vpopbull -n to ezmlm-sub.

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