Tom Collins wrote:
> Or, set up an ezmlm mailing list that doesn't allow users to subscribe
> or unsubscribe.  Before sending an announcement, delete all subscribers
> and re-subscribe them by piping the output of vpopbull -n to ezmlm-sub.

Thought of that.

All very well unless some users want to unsubscribe and not receive the
emails. But I suppose that's only the same as using vpopbull, i.e. all
users would get vpopbull messages and not be able to opt out.

It's a bit of a pain that vpopbull doesn't recognise any forwards. Any
chance of getting that modified?

John's hooks would be a another possible solution. I could setup the
list containing everybody then use a trigger that subs/unsubs users as
they are added/deleted. Might look into that. Did his hook code make it
into the codebase yet?


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