Rick Romero wrote:
> I think I need to run a different email server for the intital queue -
> but this then brings up questions like, how do I use SMTP AUTH with,
> say, Exim, and vpopmail?
I've just started using qpsmtpd to do SMTP AUTH against my vpopmail
users with vchkpw, to avoid running a patched qmail-smtpd[1]. qpsmtpd
has many spam-filtering plugins, and several queueing plugins, including
one for qmail and one for any SMTP server (effectively as a proxy). It's
fairly easy to extend too, if you know perl. I added a check module to
allow our backup MX to only accept mail for a list of known accounts
with an afternoon's work. Seperating your SMTP services into relay,
inbound, and backup MX makes life a lot easier for enforcing mail
policies, IMHO.

It's worth a look, perhaps.


[1] actually, it's to avoid having to reconcile SMTP AUTH patches with
chkuser, which I already use, and couldn't live without. I run
qmail-smtpd with chkuser for the 'public' MX SMTP service, and qpsmtpd
for my local user's relay SMTP server, with auth and SSL.

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