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i've heard it said that all of djb's other software is essentially public domain, but now i'm curious and would like know for sure. has anybody heard or seen any kind of statement from djb about this, and if so where can i find a copy of it?

Most of his software is not public domain. (Several of his math and crypto libraries are, but to my knowledge none of the networking software is).

First, there's a copyright statement in the README file of each package.
Second: http://cr.yp.to/distributors.html

Daemontools is explicitly mentioned here-- he licenses the current version to be distributed (in package form, with a specific MD5 checksum) until the beginning of 2007.

ah. i had only seen the qmail-specific version of this page, http:// cr.yp.to/qmail/dist.html ... you have answered my question, thank you.

next question, and this may be better directed to djb himself (hence the CC to him.)

i build servers for my clients, and i carry around a USB memory stick which contains, among other things, the source code packages for daemontools and ucspi-tcp. does this mean that starting in january i'm going to have to manually download the packages from his server instead of copying them from my USB stick when i build a client's machine?

i don't really mind either way, but i'd like to know what his policy is, just to be sure. before you pointed out this page this i was not aware of 2007-01-01 having any significance (other than "new years day", obviously.)

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