One of the biggest complaints against vpopmail heard on the qmail mailing list is the fact that it uses files kind of like .qmail files, that are not interpreted by qmail-local, yet it names them .qmail*. Drew-vpopmail has submitted a patch to vdelivermail that follows the .qmail-ext file resolution process just like qmail-local except that at each level it looks for both a .qmail* and .vpopmail* file.

I believe this should be implemented. Vdelivermail should read both file types. The new standard should be to create .vpopmail files where the file will be executed by vdelivermail.

I disagree with the author about one thing... I think if both exist, vdelivermail should process .vpopmail files instead of .qmail files.

Qmailadmin should read .vpopmail files before .qmail files and delete the .qmail file if it exists when the .vpopmail file is written. Effectively the files will be renamed as they are edited. Maybe there needs to be a ./configure option to disable the new file name.

What do you think?


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