This is an open letter to everyone on the vchkpw list, though I freely
admit that it's primarily targetted at a single individual:

If you send a message to the list asking for someone to send you
something, and you have an anti-spam challenge filter on your incoming
mail, don't expect to ever get a reply.  This goes doubly so if you ask to
use a piece of software that I've written but not really published for
whatever reason (in this case, because it's gotten very limited testing
and I just haven't gotten around to it - I'm happy to share).  Especially
since this list (or any list) is not the place to go around emailing
tarballs, since they then have to go to everyone, and it's quite possible
that most people don't even care about it.

I'm more than happy to contribute back to the community, providing
whatever pieces of software I work on for others to use.  In return, all I
ask for is a little courtesy.  If you ask me to email you, don't make me
jump through hoops to do so.  I think most of the people here would agree
with me, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of vocal feedback from those who
don't.  Everyone has their own opinion, this one's mine.

Joshua Megerman
SJGames MIB #5273 - OGRE AI Testing Division
You can't win; You can't break even; You can't even quit the game.
  - Layman's translation of the Laws of Thermodynamics

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