I have some domains protected by an external antispam gateway, those domains 
are removed from the rcpthosts settings of qmail, and the antispam gateway is 
added in the /etc/tcp.smtp to be allowed to relay...

This way, only the antispam gateway is able to send emails for the domain to 
the mail server, avoiding direct injection from spammers.

Now, the antispam gateway is doing a pop3 connexion to verify if a recipient is 
accepted by the destination mail server before accepting the message from the 

My probem is : as the domain is not in the rcpthosts, chkuser does'nt work : it 
allways accept the mail...

Is it possible to configure chkuser to check if a domain is local and if a user 
exist even when the domain is not listed in rcpthosts ?

Thanks for your help :)  

Best regards...
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