Trey Nolen wrote:
We are running vpopmail 5.4.10, qmailadmin 1.2.9, and maildrop 1.5.3 on
Debian.  This is one of those cross-software questions, but I'm posting to
the vpopmail list because vdelivermail seems to be part of the issue. We are
seeing a strange problem with maildrop and quotas.  When a user gets over
quota, maildrop and vdelivermail go crazy and spawn of hundreds or thousands
of processes.  We have qmailadmin set so that when you check the "Enable
Spam" box for a user, it puts this in the .qmail file:
|preline /usr/local/bin/maildrop /etc/mailfilter

We use Sqwebmail as a web interface for filter setup.


We do something similar here without a problem.

Two things you don't mention though...

Are you using the quota check feature of chkuser ?

ie CHKUSER_MBXQUOTA="97" in tcp.smtp or as a env variable in /service/qmail-smtpd/run

Have you compiled maildrop with quota support ?

ie ./configure --enable-maildirquota



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