John Simpson wrote:

> i think the idea of an "onauth" hook, similar to how "onchange"
> works, will minimize the amount of code changes needed for
> vpopmail,  while opening the door for somebody (like joshua) to
> write a relay-after-pop3/imap system as external scripts if he
> likes, and also opening the door for others to add their own
> custom functionality.  and it also removes any specific
> relay-after-pop3 functionality from vpopmail itself, while not
> destroying that functionality for people who may not be able
> to stop using it for political reasons.

If it means we can remove most of the relay-after-pop/imap code I'm all for it! I won't spend a lot of time on it myself, but I'll certainly take patches.

> and it also means that vpopmail itself will never have to worry about
> relay-after-pop3 issues again- they can be referred to whoever wrote
> the external scripts that they will be using.

I don't agree about this. We already have the ability. Before I'd be willing to remove it we need to provide a replacement for those who can't give it up. Once we provide the replacement it becomes part of vpopmail even if it isn't in the core.

I think the initial implementation should handle the same files the same way they are done now. As you replace existing code with script calls, replicate the code within the script.

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