People has not the courage to say that Bernstein design and coding is horrible.


QMAIL was a secure product and a good academic programming model, ten years ago. Now, a modern MTA facing millions of emails has completely different problems from the ones Bernstein faced. But he made a closed architecture, not a modular one, adding a no-sense license.

Hmm...qmail is STILL a secure and a good programming model. I don't see how it has become unsecure. Perhaps you can enlighten us on that. As for programming model, I don't see a problem. The only problem I see is the lack of certain capabilities and qmail's current architecture. Actually, not a problem with the design of the architecture but the state of it. postfix uses the same architecture with certain improvements like persistent daemons in the manner of httpd and a more advanced queue manager. If postfix had dot-qmail support, it would become rather complete.

postfix code is however harder to follow than qmail's.

Plugin is slow, and does not let do anything important, just side checks. The core is untouched, and here the problem is the core.

Yes, the core can do with some improvements for certain scenarios.

QMAIL has a lot of problems; the mail world has changed but QMAIL is designed to be impossible to change because of the presunction of Bernstein of being a perfect designer.

qmail does not have a lot of problems. Quite bug free and secure :D. DJB is a perfect designer. The fact that Wietse uses the same basic design speaks for itself. We are only complaining that he has stopped and not continued.

QMAIL is no more mantained because Bernstein is prisoner of his wrong architecture. He cannot improve it, because he should change all the architecture, and none would follow him today on the same licensing scheme.

I am sorry but I really doubt you can do any better. Do you plan to show us by writing your own MTA?

No one follows him on the licensing because corporations have made sure that things have become so muddied that no one would risk not specifying a license...but others have taken it a step further and made licenses to 'fight' back like the GPL. I find it ludicrous that software is 'licensed and not sold'. I can very do anything I like with a book I bought and that goes for software.

Qmail is only an academic example of programming, that in real life should never be used by expert programmers.

ROTFL. When you manage a software project that has as clean a record as qmail with respects to bugs, come back and let us know. Not even postfix can claim anything near qmail's record.

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