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Hello All especially tonix ;) ,

well, I see discussion running here ;) but I want move little forward.
just my2 cent: qmail is good example of "proof of concept" which make
its own way. Bad luck is that DJB is not working on it, so this nifty
features will be slowly lost as more and more patches will come, which
is main point of all complaints. Its is nice that we have all the patches, but
most of them are incompatible or hard to implement into others so
until someone "really" Im mean "really" need them (so spending days on
them), it will switch to something else, which is not good as qmail,
but these days is almost everything good as qmail.
If there is no progress,blind by own feeling how it is perfect
, no matter that it is "best of the best" it
will become soon or later overcome by others. Remember OS/2 or BeOS ? ;)

As qmail server is used as front-relay , there is problem with chkuser
to check real rcpt.

from discussion I see few aproaches how it can be done:

- copy/mount vpopmail (not all files, just needed) to relay server and
delete from virtualdomains - well, kinda ugly but working ;) problem
is that If I have some offices behind firewall and even on exchange, I
cant go this way

- using of "validrcptto" patch - nice, but problem implement into rest
of patches (bill shupp/big ISP...), when I use it, im loosing chkuser
features ;) and others

- so after spending weekend over google ;) I want kindly ask TONIX if
he is willing to add smal feature into chkuser 2.0.8, I have idea
something like
EXTERNAL_FILE = /bla/bla/list.txt (or even cdb)

in this case is much easier make list of mailboxes , for example
script from David Duserre from fehcom.de can make list of all even
aliases and ezmlm lists

it will be really helpfull to have something like this, and as I saw
code for validrcptto it should be not so much coding ;)

thank you very much even if you will not do it ;)

I'm thinking a lot how solve this problem (one year ago I was near to start with a client/server chkuser, but I was not totally convincted). I now approaching to a solution that could be more easy than expected (and you suggestion could be another good one to add).

But together with this feature I have a lot of other features to add, and I feel a lot within qmail must be rewritten in order to have those features working.

I will evaluate a way to move to a really free Open Source qmail clone, more easy to update and be added of new features.
If I will not see a feasible way, I'll continue with standard patching.



(Peter Mikeska)

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