Use vpopbull:

usage: vpopbull [options] -f [email_file] [virtual_domain] [...]
       -v (print version number)
       -V (verbose)
       -f email_file (file with message contents)
       -e exclude_email_addr_file (list of addresses to exclude)
       -n (don't mail. Use with -V to list accounts)
       -c (default, copy file)
       -h (use hard links)
       -s (use symbolic links)

Its also handy to list all the email accounts in your system (vpopbull -n -V)

On Feb 2, 2007, at 9:06 AM, Renaud wrote:


I'm using a qmail+vpopmail and I was wondering if you already heard about
a solution that would let me send a mail to all existing users in the
vpopmail database (or to all users of a specific domain) without the need
to create a mailing list or an alias containing all of them?

My current solution would be to actually update the subscribers list of
such a mailing list every night.. (anyone could post to an alias, the
users wouldn't like it :))



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