Jianbin Xiao wrote:
if you use maildrop as your MDA,you can patch this: http://www.xiaojb.com/archives/mailtech/maildrop-vpopmail-authlib.shtml

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    Jianbin Xiao wrote:
    > It's stable.
    > On 4/8/07, *Egoitz Aurrekoetxea* <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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    >     Hi all,
    >     I wanted to know if vpopmail auth module in courier-imap is
    a stable
    >     project now... some people have told me you can have problems on
    >     loaded
    >     servers with this... and to use qmail pop but anyway you should
    >     use it
    >     as imap server... and this (using it as pop too) don't have
    to patch
    >     more things on my qmail sources (you know for qmail pop
    quota support,
    >     so Maildir++). So definitely I'm nowadays running vpopmail
    5.4.13 and
    >     courier-imap 4.0.2 and courier-authlib-0.55 this two last
    with of
    >     course
    >     authvchkpw module... so is this then stable?
    >     Thanks a lot
    >     Have a nice day
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    Thanks a lot Jianbin and should apply any special patch for
    and authvchkpw authdaemon of this to work properly with vpopmail?

Jianbin Xiao
Thanks a lot Jianbin Xiao... but what exactly does this patch? have taking a look at code... but don't understand it well.... is this relevant for courier-pop and courier-imap to work properly with authvhkpw courier authmodule?

thanks a lot mate

Rick the only issue of that tutorial is that it doesn't use mysql and if you try to... it would crash you... I suppose because the damn chkuser patch works or without smtp auth patch or with this patch but authenticating with cdb files.... thanks a lot you too!

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