On Fri, 2007-07-27 at 13:04 -0400, Ron Culler wrote:

> What we would like to be able to do is take the remaining features in
> qmailadmin and push them to MySQL as well by getting rid of .qmail files
> in the users mail dir.
> Copy and Forward - example .qmail
> /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/bob/Maildir/
> Vacation Message - example .qmail
> /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/bob/Maildir/
> | /usr/local/bin/autorespond 86400 3
> /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/bob/vacation/message
> /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/bob/vacation
> Robot - example .qmail
> |/usr/local/bin/autorespond 10000 5
> /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/ROBOT/message
> /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/ROBOT&[EMAIL PROTECTED]

It doesn't solve your 'remove .qmail' problem - but Horde's Sork
vacation module has a qmail library that uses FTPto write the .qmail
file into the user's home directory.   

I just recently put some wiki info up on how to modify the 1.0 version
to work with vpopmail using PureFTP and MySQL.  My modification does not
account for multiple tables per domain - but if you check the list we
pretty much hashed that out.

Horde is, IMHO, rather complicated to just 'dive' into, but all you
would essentially need to utilize is the driver file (vpopmailsql.php),
as that does all the backend work.


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