Quey wrote:
So you add all your new domains by hand ?????????? most of us have intergrated systems and something central that connects and doe sit all, be it a local custom CRM or one of the off shelf ones, so everything is linked, maybe you should be writing a wrapper :)

We add users directly into SQL and the first message creates the needed account directories. We add domains by script in one server and the control files are shared via NFS. We are looking at replacing our current system when we upgrade to use vpopmaild on all toasters.

We don't have a wrapper around vadddomain, I know I can write a wrapper, we have had wrappers around just about all the vpopmail tools at one time or another. I can create new .qmail files for abuse easily for the current domains as well, it's just a quick bash script.

Foreget everything I have said previously.

New question, is it possible to have a global default alias for abuse, or must I manage an abuse address for all 450+ domains separately?


DAve wrote:
Quey wrote:
DAve wrote:
I discovered something interesting the other day, something I really should have been paying attention to earlier.

It would seem I cannot get an abuse address to work using qmail aliases in the /var/qmail/alias directory. Of course vadddomain does not create them for me.

What is everyone else doing for abuse addresses with new domains? We have 450+ domains, most of which do not accept mail for abuse. I could knock out a quick wrapper for vadddomain, but a system wide alias would be killer as all abuse mail should come to myself and the other systems admin.

your scripting process that executes adds the domain needs to be better written, ours adds the domains then adds the aliases...

system("/home/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain -q 50MB $DOMAIN $PASS") == 0 or die &AHFail(QmailAddDomainError); system("/home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser -q $DQUOTAM [EMAIL PROTECTED] $PASS") == 0 or die &AHFail(QmailAddDU); system("/home/vpopmail/bin/valias -i [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]") == 0 or die &AHFail(QmailAddDAW) ; system("/home/vpopmail/bin/valias -i [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]") == 0 or die &AHFail(QmailAddDAI); system("/home/vpopmail/bin/valias -i [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]") == 0 or die &AHFail(QmailAddDAA);

I don't have a wrapper around vadddomain, I said I could write a wrapper but I have not. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to have a global alias for abuse to save having an abuse address for every domain.


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