On Aug 28, 2007, at 4:33 AM, Jean Carlos Oliveira Guandalini wrote:
I need run chkuser in my secondary MX server.

I followed the following steps:


but it does not function.

On the backup MX, the domain should be in rcpthosts (or morercpthosts which builds morercpthosts.cdb) and users/assign (which builds to users/cdb). It should NOT be in virtualdomains and it does not need to be in smtproutes if your primary server has a lower MX record than the backup server.

If you're using the CDB-backend, you'll probably want to copy the whole ~vpopmail/domains over, excluding Maildir directories, so chkuser will work. And you'll probably want to rsync it every so often so new users and aliases go across. I rsync the whole ~vpopmail/domains directory each night so I have an off-site backup of email as well.

Here's what I rsync every 5 minutes, script runs on primary mx, and I've added the primary mx's ssh key to mx2's authorized_keys file:

rsync -azl --numeric-ids --exclude=Maildir --delete --exclude=lastauth \
  /home/vpopmail/domains/ [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/vpopmail/domains/
rsync -azl --numeric-ids /var/qmail/users [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/ qmail/
rsync -azl --numeric-ids --exclude=*.lock \
  /var/qmail/control/*hosts* /var/qmail/control/smtproutes \
  /var/qmail/control/badmail* [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/qmail/control/

I guess if I was backing up Maildirs as well, throughout the day, I could failover to that server should the primary die a horrible death. I'd have to copy the virtualdomains file, stop the rsync, and update DNS so the backup had the lowest MX record.

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