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I need run chkuser in my secondary MX server.

this is why i wrote this patch:


basically, it's MUCH easier to copy a single .cdb file than it is to copy an entire directory tree full of vpasswd.cdb files. it's also a lot more flexible in terms of which addresses are and are not accepted- if you have certain addresses which should be "internal only", so that only RELAYCLIENT people can send mail to them (i.e. "all-users@", "all-staff@", etc.) you can simply leave those addresses out of this file and the outside world won't be able to send email to them.

just make sure that, instead of copying the file directly to /var/ qmail/control/validrcptto.cdb on the backup server(s), you copy it to a different name within the same directory first, then chown/chmod as needed, then RENAME it to "validrcptto.cdb". otherwise there's a potential race condition which may cause qmail-smtpd to try and read the file while it's not fully written or while the permissions may not allow it to be opened by the qmaild user (or whatever user your qmail-smtpd process runs as.) this is one of several things i cover on this page:


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