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I use vpopmail5.4.17 and procmail.

I am looking for a patch for vpopmail that,

when I add an user with vadduser I want vpopmail to add the folder called .procmailrc in the user's directory according to that user.

is there any patch for this ?

usually when this comes up, people want to know how to pre-create "Drafts", "Sent", and "Trash" folders within each mailbox. this is the same thing, but with a different directory name.

one option is to edit "vpopmail.c" in your source directory. lines 2110 and 2111 look like this:

2110 const char *dirnames[] = {"Maildir", "Maildir/new", "Maildir/cur",
   2111         "Maildir/tmp"};

this array contains the names of the directories which are created within each mailbox when it's created. if you need a ".procmailrc" directory, add ".procmailrc" to this array, like so:

2110 const char *dirnames[] = {"Maildir", "Maildir/new", "Maildir/cur",
   2111         "Maildir/tmp", ".procmailrc"};

then do "make distclean", and re-run your "./configure", "make", and "make install" commands.

another option... google for "vpopmail skel patch". this is a patch which causes vpopmail to copy the entire directory tree from a "skeleton" to the new mailbox. this way you can change what gets created without having to re-compile the code, by simply creating the directories you want within the skeleton directory.

i have a copy of the patch, one of the items on my to-do list is to clean it up, test it, fix any bugs, test it again, and then submit it into the vpopmail source tree. unless somebody really objects, the code will eventually be in vpopmail- it's just not there yet.

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