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Bulent Kolay wrote:
I use vpopmail5.4.17 and procmail.

I am looking for a patch for vpopmail that,

when I add an user with vadduser I want vpopmail to add the folder
called .procmailrc in the user's directory according to that user.

is there any patch for this ?

This type of functionality can be handle through the use of "onchange". I believe "onchange" became part of the vpopmail with 5.4.18. You can
read more about "onchange" at http://qmail.jms1.net/vpopmail/.

oh yeah... you can also do it that way. write your "onchange" script so it checks for an "add_user" command, and if it sees it, creates the .procmailrc folder and any default files within the new mailbox (whose physical directory name can be gotten using a "vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]" command.)

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