Robin Bowes wrote:
John Simpson wrote:
On 2007-09-20, at 1236, mlist wrote:
Now when I try to delete a user I get a segfault:

mail:/home/vpopmail/bin # vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Segmentation fault
first, why would you want to delete a domain's "postmaster" mailbox?

second, i would have thought the vdeluser command, or the vdeluser()
function, would refuse to delete a "postmaster" mailbox... however
looking at the code, i see that this is not the case. given that RFC
2821 section 4.5.1 seems to say that it's required, is there ever a
valid reason to allow a postmaster mailbox to be deleted?

Without looking at the RFC, I seem to recall is says that you must
accept mail for [EMAIL PROTECTED] That's not the same as having a
vpopmail user named "postmaster" for the "" domain.

However, it seems to me to be pretty perverse to delete the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] user, replace it with "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and
then create an alias "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" pointing to


Well it was really just an example of what I'm getting across the board - I do agree with Robin, sometimes I'll setup a forward to forward postmaster mail to an account that is actually monitored (by the customers).


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