I have been reading about qmail-scanner manteinance (I didn't think it has
lol) I only upgraded clamav when freshclam (that is launched once per
hour) told old version upgrade engine... and that's the only thing I did
with qmail-scanner maintenance... but have read that should too launch
qmail-scanner-queue.pl -z... I don't never upgrade spamassassin and are
the two things I launch in my qmail-scanner ... clamav and

why should be launched qmail-scanner-queue.pl -z? don't undertand quite
well that have read over there... that sais for upgrading perl-scanner
database... what refers concretely with perl-scanner-database? and is it
advised to do any other manteinante operation (other than
qmail-scanner-queue.pl -z) ?

Thanks a lot
have a nice day


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