I'm gonna setup a qmail mailserver for mailscanning for a huge site... I
have think that setting a qmail with qmail-scanner for real time scanning
could be too slow because perhaps could arrive there... don't know 300
simultaneos mails.. so I think that could be better to setup a
qmail-mail-server that only does rcpt checks and mfchecks in the Internet
site and another qmail server not listening in internet interface that
makes mail scanning in a reasonable time and in a reasonable number of
simultaneous scans... (don't know 50 simultaneous for example...). The
internet qmail server will pass from for example 50 to 50 mails to
scanning qmail server... and this last to pass to they're respective
mailservers... it's only going to be a scanning mailserver...

So I have think that I could compile qmail one time and copy to two
different locations for example /var/qmail and
/var/qmail-scanning-server... is this possible? and is this possible
without having two different vpopmails? two different databases for smtp
auth... (Internet qmail scanner will be relay too) two differents tcp
rules file... so could I share everything between them?

What do you think about this idea have just had?

Thanks a lot mates :)


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