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> Hi I wanted to setup a scanning relay server.. I explain I'm using
> vpopmail 5.4.13 and qmail-1.03 with john simpson 7 combined patch I
> add the domains with ./vadddomain domain.com and later add an
> smtproutes line (in this control file) as domain.com:mail.domain.com
> but the mail always is treated as local...
> should be /var/qmail/users/assign file be changed for this purpose?
> for having users localy for smtp auth purposes but and users to use
> this machine as relay but the mail incoming for this domains to be
> delivered as smtproutes line sais?

One half of the puzzle is accepting the mail, the other half sounds
like you want it then to be routed to another host.

In order to accept the mail, the domains in question should exist in:


Then the domains should also exist in


Which should also be compiled to a cdb


(check that the two have similar information)

Then you should check that ~vpopmail/bin/vdominfo shows appropriate

Should the domain exist in /v/q/c/smtproutes then the delivery will not
be treated as local and the mail will be sent to the next hop.

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