> Hi I wanted to setup a scanning relay server.. I explain I'm using
> vpopmail 5.4.13 and qmail-1.03 with john simpson 7 combined patch I add
> the domains with ./vadddomain domain.com and later add an smtproutes line
> (in this control file) as domain.com:mail.domain.com but the mail always
> is treated as local...
> should be /var/qmail/users/assign file be changed for this purpose? for
> having users localy for smtp auth purposes but and users to use this
> machine as relay but the mail incoming for this domains to be delivered as
> smtproutes line sais?

your domain is assigned as local, because you added them with ./vadddomain 
domain.com. make a ./vdeldomain domain.com.

take care, ther is no entry in <qmail-dir>/control/virtualdomains and also 
none in <qmail-dir>/control/users/cdb which is the databse-file for 

for your domain, saying domain.com, only entries in 
<qmail-dir>/control/rcpthosts like
and in file <qmail-dir>/control/smtproutes, like
are needed



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