I've recently noticed strange behavior with user quotas after an upgrade
to vpopmail 5.4.25 from 5.4.18. The upgrade also moved from the cdb
backend to the MySQL backend (due to locking issues I was experiencing).

When delivering a message, the size of the message is placed twice in
maildirsize. When deleting the message, it is removed only once. This
causes quota usage to grow over time, disconnected from the actual size
of the mailbox.

For example, this is the maildirsize for a 100 megabyte mailbox at the
initial creation of the quota:

356213 62

After that account got a 1.6 megabyte e-mail, this was the same file:

356213 62
1725576 1
1725657 1

You will see that there are two entries in the file with slightly
different sizes.

After deleting the e-mail from the box (POP3 and IMAP both exhibit the
same issue), the file read:

356213 62
1725576 1
1725657 1
-1725657 -1

Is this a known bug or configuration issue, and if so, is there a fix
for it, or a clue someone can smack me with?

For reference purposes:

vpopmail: 5.4.25
Courier-IMAP: 4.2.1
OS: Slackware Linux 11.0 with kernel
Mailboxes are stored on an NFS volume mounted with options noatime,soft,tcp

 - Michael


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