Hello all;
I am trying to move from a qmailrocks server to a newer qmailtoaster-iso
server but I am having problems moving the domains over to the qmailtoaster
machine. I have the two machines running, qmailrocks is the production
machine, qmailtoaster is the new machine. I would like to make sure that the
conversion will go smoothly so I am doing a dry run of moving the domains
over and seeing if they will import.
I have used rsync to copy the /home/vpopmail/domains directory over to the
qmailtoaster. Once this is complete the owner of the domain directories and
files is the user ID number and group ID number from the original qmailrocks
machine. Then I change the ownership of this directory tree to
vpopmail:vchkpw. I then have run vconvert -c -m to convert all of the
domains, but it explicitly says it fails. Then I have copied the
/var/qmail/control/cdb and assign files over to the qmailtoaster machine and
run the same vconvert -c -m command and it explicitly says the the domains
converted successfully. This I am very happy about. Now, however I am not
able to log into any of the accounts that have converted. Not even the
postmaster account.
I have noticed that if I use an incorrect password with a valid account I
get an incorrect username or password error. If I use a valid password I get
dropped from a Squirrelmail login or a pop3 telnet session. When I look at
the imap4 log I see a "permission denied" error.
I have been wrestling with this for weeks now and the boss is getting
impatient. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ray Webster


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