I have two qmails, one local and I use a remote one (with spamassassin)
for relaying with it... and I can't set in tcp.smtp relay allowed to local
ip because RELAYCLIENT disables me the spamassassin scans (in remote
server)... as I'm using Johns patch 7 I have think I could set in local
smtproutes control file :ip user pass for being authenticated and then the
relay allowed but because authentication not by relayclient... and this
way spamassassin should be passed... but although it auths succesfull as
far as log sais... it later gives me a MAILER-DAEMON bounce saying that
domain is not rcpthosts... so it's not allowing me to relay...why this? if
I have authenticated on remote smtp server and and that server allows smtp
authentication.. .why I'm not able to relay through him?

Thanks a lot


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