On 05 Dec 07, Tom Collins wrote:
> On Dec 5, 2007, at 2:51 AM, Hartmut Wernisch wrote:
> >So now I am wondering why line 197-202 is setting the values to
> >
> >In my opinion these values should be set to MYSQL_UPDATE_SOCKET and
> You are correct, and that probably fixes an outstanding bug report on  
> SourceForge.  Most people use the same info for read and update, so  
> no one has fixed the problem before.

In the current vpopmail version with mysql support tries to reconnect to
the update server for database queries if an update server was
configured in the vpopmail.mysql.

I have extended vpopmail to do the same with updates to the update
database server. This was realy hard work ;)

vpopmail.mysql is extended by a third server configuration line and also
the parser in vmysql.c is.
It is not a beautiful but a simple patch which works well for me. I have
a fully automated setup where also updates happens to non office times.
Therefor "failover" for update server queries are good for my sleep ;)

Maybe you are interessed in it for an upcoming release? (Or do a better


> Rick, another fix for the next release.
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